Our Professionalism leads to Quality • We strive to do even better

For eight years, we have developed and improved professional LED lighting production methods while researching and developing new technologies. We continue to make our photoelectric infrared light source based on superior core manufacturing technology but we have introduced the most advanced, cost-effective infrared LED light source.

In the LED industry, we are self-made professionals, so compared to larger, impersonal corporations, we take the extra effort to ensure the optimal choice of raw materials and advanced automated packaging processes assure the guaranteed quality of our LED light sources and infrared products.

Building upon key technology from Lumiled and Osram, we developed our own small-size SMD-Piranha LED technology. We strive to do even better - from the 90 infrared LED light board and bolt-infrared light board to various high-speed dome camera-infrared light boards. We respond to our customers’ needs and building trust.

We are building for a brighter future where the night is no longer as dark. Together we can illuminate our world.